BUT WHY: Star Trek Edition

My interest in Star Trek has been pretty fickle: as soon as I got the fire burning the first time I was quickly enamored with Dr. Who (yeah it sucks now, I know). After a few other runs of sci-fi shows and incessant comic book reading, I have come back to Star Trek like eating cheese after four years of being vegan.

Like most successful TV shows or movies, Star Trek has bared the burden of greedy marketers and merchandisers ready to squeeze out every penny. Case and point: this Star Trek MATTRESS commercial:


and mildly sexual tank-tops?



There’s also a bunch of head scratching things around the internet, like THIS Ke$ha Star Trek Mash-up video:

Portraits of your favorite characters, pancake form:


You didn’t think you’d get away with an awkward family portrait, right?


Or a Borg Wedding cake….nothing says romance quite like assimilation


Never Gonna Give You Up in Klingon, I guess that’s a Rick Roll?

Spock’s Brain Protector Helmet, Toy Helmet, because of course they would….


Finally, yet ANOTHER Star Trek wedding cake, this time featuring Picard’s bizarro bust:



……aaaand I’m done with the internet for today.

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