A Taste for Nostalgia: Uncovering Your Roots

Why are humans so inexplicably curious about the past? Uncovering a box of memories from an attic can bring you right to that child-like wonder. Sifting through old antiques somehow feels comforting like the coat of dust can trigger a strong sense of nostalgia. How can I be nostalgic for the 1920s when my grandparents were barely, if even alive? It’s a funny thing.

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To us, history is romantic, even old hazy memories from childhood seem to be so much greater than they probably were. Knowing about the past opens a key to knowing ourselves better, even if that history precedes your existence. While genetics is still a relatively new science, it doesn’t take a doctorate in DNA studies to notice physical traits in a family or community. We can infer a lot just looking at old photos of great-grandmothers, long gone aunts, uncles, and even a picture of your dad from the 60s.

If you were born in America, then your family’s heritage might be a little less clear than those born and raised from the same country for generations. People keep saying that all humans were originally from Africa and just happened to migrate around the world. Even though there are much more complicated mysteries in the world, we just can’t let go of figuring out where we came from.

There’s even a super accessible DNA Origins test that can tell you where your family migrated to and from, just by using the DNA on a buccal cheek swab. Are you expecting? You can also have your partner tested to see what heritage your child will carry. Will he be a little italian stallion? Will she carry Chinese and Danish facial features?

Learning about your roots can be an energizing experience, which can bring you closer together with your family while you search for answers about yourself or your child.

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