Best Organiser Apps

If you frequently miss important appointments and struggle with staying organised, there is now a solution in the form of mobile apps that will help keep you on top of everything. The following mobile apps not only boost productivity for even the busiest people, but best of all, they are free to download.


This is a wonderful app that is easy to use and assists you in organising and keeping track of pretty much everything. Whether it is an important meeting you have to attend, or a doctor’s appointment, Evernote has it all covered. You can even record your voice as a reminder, make to-do lists, and share files with other apps.

Beep Me – The basic edition

Beep Me is a universal application that has many fun and engaging features. It is easy to keep up with your appointments with the help of this app, and pretty soon, you will become completely familiar with the way it works. This app is as easy to use as a calendar and lets you make memos, set the alarm, and stay on track, so no more missing that dentist appointment or being late for work.


Coolendar is a free app that is compatible with multiple gadgets such as iPhone, Kindle, iPad, and Android. Unlike other organisers, Coolendar notifies you in short tweet-like messages. You have the option of syncing this app with Google Calendar or on its own, but just like Twitter, Coolendar uses hashtags to record events and allows you to add tasks by simply typing a sentence. This innovative app is easy to use and help you stay on top of everything. As it is available for Android, it is recommended that you opt for fibre broadband connection as the fastest type of Internet connection in UK.


This is a standard calendar application that has received many positive reviews by iPhone users. Although the app itself is not exactly unique in its features, its gesture-based interface between the to-do lists and the calendar is the main attraction. By simply typing in “appointment tomorrow morning at 9am” will set up the calendar for the required time. has an undeniably beautiful interface that looks similar to Windows Phone applications. It even has a very useful extension for Google Chrome browser. Setting up appointments and meetings in their relevant sections is made simple thanks to this app’s calendar that’s labeled Today, Tomorrow, This week, or Next week. You can also sync calendar with Google Calendar for a more detailed view. This free app allows you to add time-based and location-based reminders, which have recently been introduced by its smart developers. Once a task is done, you can simply swipe over an action in order to mark it as complete. Not only does look great, the simplicity of its interface has earned it the top spot as being one of the most brilliant organisers for iOS and Android. You can trust to take care of small and heavy tasks so you won’t ever fall behind schedule.

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