Celebrities sporting famous moustaches for Movember

Have you ever wondered what popular celebrities might look like were they to suddenly sprout a moustache? Well, Fashion Beans have answered your every want and whim having created these fantastic images to help promote Movember for 2014. So as men around the world shun their razor blades once more all in the name of raising awareness for men’s health issues, can you figure out which iconic moustaches from the past and present these celebrities are sporting? You can try out the quiz over at Buzzfeed to find out how you fare in the stache stakes or simply guess away from the images below, answers are at the bottom, but no cheating! Go on, have some fun in the name of a good cause.

    1. Beyonce is sporting an impressive pair of handlebars.
    2. Whose sleek stache is Cheryl hiding behind?dfgdsgfd
    3. That’s some mighty fine facial hair on Chris Brown’s face!gfdgfdgdvb
    4. David Beckham has gone dark and mysterious with his new look.5hhhh
    5. Emma Watson is accentuating her pretty looks with a twirled handlebar moustache…hgfhbdfh
    6. Whereas Eva Mendes has gone all out on her new look.hfghgh
    7. Sensible and tidy is the way forward for George Clooney.grgr
    8. Iggy Azalea is working the horseshoe moustache.
    9. Jamie Foxx is really rocking this neat tash.
    10. Kaley Cuoco is looking very pleased with her toothbrush moustache.ntfntrsn
    11. Looking good in that trendy tash Kanye…btntrb
    12. But is Kim pulling off the tiny tash even better?!nynyn
    13. Leo’s moustache is one of the more unique styles.btbtbbb
    14. But Mila Kunis has gone safe and sensible with hers.uuuuuuu
    15. Whose tidy tash has Nicky Minaj borrowed?ghfghf
    16. Certainly one of the more iconic looks, Robert Pattinson is sporting true burnsides.mummm
    17. With whom has Ryan Gosling swapped his designer stubble for a tidy tash?
  • Simon Cowell is sporting the pencil moustache look.nbtbtb
  • And Taylor Swift is another one pulling off the toothbrush style perfectly.aerf
  • But is Zac Efron’s newly sprouted stache the most unique?<btbbs



  1. Beyonce: Wyatt Earp
  2. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini: Clark Gable
  3. Chris Brown: Walter White
  4. David Beckham: Daley Thompson
  5. Emma Watson: Rollie Fingers
  6. Eva Mendes: Che Guevara
  7. George Clooney: Freddy Mercury
  8. Iggy Azalea: Hulk Hogan
  9. Jamie Foxx: Borat
  10. Kaley Cuoco: Charlie Chaplin
  11. Kanye West: Ron Burgundy
  12. Kim Kardashian: Hercule Poirot
  13. Leonardo DiCaprio: Groucho Marx
  14. Mila Kunis: Tom Selleck
  15. Nicky Minaj: Ned Flanders
  16. Robert Pattinson: Lemmy
  17. Ryan Gosling: Joseph Stalin
  18. Simon Cowell: Mugabe
  19. Taylor Swift: Oliver Hardy
  20. Zac Efron: Salvador Dali

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