E-cig Users Could Fear the Worst in Wake of Possible EU Ban

People who use electronic cigarettes may have reason to believe that, in relation to their health, they’re doing the right thing. However, the prospect of a ban on e-cigs implemented by the European Union, which looks all too real, could have a profound impact on what users could do when looking for an alternative.

Worryingly, more than half of all users of electronic cigarettes would contemplate going back to their traditional equivalent should a ban be introduced. Just under half would so the same if there was a ban on refillable cigarettes. Both of these stats seem worrying, perhaps showing that the EU may not have thought the possible ban through.

Electronic cigarettes are viewed as a useful alternative for anyone who smokes normal ones. A ban, if given the go-ahead, may see them go elsewhere to satisfy their cravings, irrespective of the impact on their health.

7 Consequences of an EU Ecig ban

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