Jeremy Clarkson calls Didier Drogba “just a loveable lump”

Top Gear’s most talked about presenter is attributed to yet another discerning quote

Didier Drogba’s just a big loveable lump. Graham Norton seemed to get inside him last night” was included in the Ladbrokes ‘Did they really say that?’ quiz where visitors were asked to select who said the quote from three options. A whopping 51% thought the quote belonged to Jeremy Clarkson – the remark was actually said by ITV commentator Clive Tyldsley during a Champion’s League game.

Widely known as TV’s most controversial presenter Clarkson loose tongue has a reputation of getting him in trouble to the point that he is even being associated with other people’s quotes that could land him in even more hot water.

The ‘Did they really say that?’ game, was created by Ladbrokes Sports to poke fun at some of the things that football managers, commentators and players say as well as some of the more controversial figures in the public eye.

Clarkson was not the only celebrity to be wrongly attributed to quotes. 59% of people thought that Barack Obama said “I look forward to hearing from the silent majority,” when it was actually said by former Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish. Other celebrities that feature in the list include: Nigel Farage, Russell Brand, Paris Hilton, Kanye West and many more.

Some of the other quotes that were wrongly attributed to prominent figures can be seen below.

  • “Hungary is very similar to Bulgaria. I know they’re different countries.” – said by Kevin Keegan but the most popular answer was Ian Wright – 45.06%.
  • “I murmured four-and-a-half words and that made 60 pages.” – said by Louis van Gaal but most popular answer was Piers Morgan – 63.10%.
  • “It’s an unprecedented precedent.” – said by Clarke Carlisle but most popular answer was Barack Obama – 38.89%.

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