Why I Hate the Gym (And What I Did About It)

I have always hated the gym. Signing up for memberships, waiting for machines, lugging a bag around at work all day to shorten the commute – it’s very taxing for a guy working close to 50 hours per week. I knew there had to be a better way.

I won’t sit here and pretend I’m some kind of personal trainer, but I know a thing or two about staying fit and healthy. Whether you’re a gym rat or no, I have some solid tips to share regarding your quest to live a healthy & active lifestyle.

Tailor an At-Home Workout

How do you want your body to look? Are you slimming down or beefing up? There are plenty of exercises you can do from home – or anywhere, really – to put you on the right track. Find some exercises online and tailor your own 10 or 30 minute workout.

You don’t need much more than your body’s own resistance to train. If you do have a little money to spend, purchase a set of free weights and a pull-up bar and you’ve practically got an entire gym at your disposal.

Supplement Your Workout

If you’re not familiar with the world of workout supplements, it’s time to get on board. This is one proven way to see results – giving your body the nourishment it needs following a good workout.

Start by visiting a local vitamin shop and learning the basics. A good rule of thumb is to have whey protein readily available – this supplement can lean and refine muscles in the body. You may want to add other supplements and vitamins as you build a regular workout regimen.

Take Pride in Your Hygiene

I think one of the things I disliked the most about the gym was the smell. Take pride in your own hygiene – nobody wants to smell your workout. I can’t recommend Rexona Clinical for men enough – their assortment of products is enough to keep you smelling great before and following your routine.

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