Explore the Wine Culture of Bordeaux with Patrick Cappiello

Looking to class up your normal ‘Netflix and Chill’ routine? Easy, just add wine. Want to REALLY class it up? Learn more about wine and wine culture by following the adventures of Sommelier Patrick Cappiello as he explores the iconic wine region of Bordeaux (France, you uncultured swine). Beyond Bordeaux is a travel series designed to capture a snapshot of the people and places that reflect the diverse culture, personality and flavors of Bordeaux wines being produced in the region.

In the premier episode (embedded here, below), Patrick visits Monsieur Denis Bellocq–a legend in the Oyster farming business to catch and eat some oysters and discuss the parallels and pairing of Bordeaux region wines with Bordeaux region Oysters caught in Arcachon Bay. The episodes are short, poignant and sweet, just like some of the dry white wines from the area.

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