Find Your True Love with the Help of Bacon

The latest dating app could use your love of bacon to find you a date. Oscar Mayer has come up with a promotional app that is similar to the dating app Tinder. Sizzl is only available for iOS, but will use your obsession with bacon to try and find you true love.


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This isn’t the first app that Oscar Mayer has released as a promotional stunt. Last year the company came out with a bacon alarm clock that would wake you up with the smell of bacon. (I still do not understand how this works) But their latest app is following in the steps of Tinder and so far, it hasn’t been super successful. (Surprise!)

You can only sign into the app with your Facebook account and allowing the app to access profile information. Sizzl will ask you some questions about your bacon preference. For example, do you like crispy bacon? Do you like turkey or pork bacon? (Sorry Vegetarians, there is no option for that) Would you share you last piece of bacon with your date?

Then you start searching profiles and based on the photo you see, you hold your finger down on a button that is heart shaped and this will be your “sizzle” indicator. Or you can always just say no to the person and go to the next.


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For more information to see if Sizzl is the right dating site for you, check out

Have you tried this ridiculous app? If so, I would love to hear from you. Have you actually matched with someone? If so, have you met? I want to hear it all!


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