Ideas for the Ultimate Winter Date Night

winter date nightNow that those winter months are fast approaching, the nights are drawing in and the temperature is slowly but surely dropping it’s still a great time of the year for you and your partner to plan a special wintery date night together. Just because the sun is no longer shining and the weather outside is bitter you can find plenty of things to do in order to help heat up those cold winter nights.


Most people think of a picnic as something to do on a warm afternoon in the blazing sunshine where they enjoy nibbles, a bottle of wine and some romantic company. But why not just move the outside in? Turn your living room space into a cosy picnic area by laying down a blanket, light some candles and load up the hamper with tasty treats. And if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace make sure that’s lit and ready to impress your date for a comfy night in.


If you can’t brave the cold weather then you can always take solace in a simple night in. There are plenty of ways in which you can entertain a date even if you’re both indoors keeping warm. Watch a romantic movie, get a takeaway together or even take the chance to dust off those old board games. And if you still want the thrill of hitting the town then why not try a night out slot together?


winter date night ice skatingThere’s no better time of the year to enjoy ice skating. A number of pop-up rinks appear around November time, especially in and around London where they are set against some truly stunning backdrops. It may be cold out but once you’re wrapped up and have your skates on there’s no better excuse than to hold your partner’s hand as you glide around the ice with each other enjoying the surrounding sights and of course the good company.


They say that there’s one way to a man’s heart and that is through his stomach. To avoid traipsing around in the cold outside why not get your man involved in the kitchen and enjoy some time cooking together. You can turn the whole thing into an activity starting from the shopping trip for all the ingredients, and then you can prep, bake, cook and even wash up together. And whilst he’s busy stirring the pots make sure that you lay the table, light a couple of candles and pour the wine ready to enjoy sharing your gastronomical delights with each other.

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