Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just a week away and if you don’t already have a costume, have no fear! There are actually some really fun costumes out there that you can do with your best friend or significant other. Instead of going for the same old boring costume like being a zombie or a witch, grab a partner and try one of these classic duo costumes.

Spartan Cheerleaders


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The Saturday Night Live Spartan Cheerleaders will go down in history as one of the best character duos on the show. I have seen plenty of Spartan Cheerleaders on Halloween, but this costume can never get old. There are a lot of places that have the Spartan uniforms or you can be crafty and make your own. Just make sure to bring your killer cheerleading skills and you will be the best costumes at the party.

Wayne & Garth

Wayne & Garth

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Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World are probably the best Halloween costumes if done right. Men and women can do it and friends or significant others. These costumes are actually pretty easy to master. There are plenty of blonde and black wigs out there and if you can find the right shirts (classic Aerosmith tee with flannel shirt for Garth and a plain black tight shirt for Wayne) then you are good to go. Remember to know their classic lines though and your Halloween will be Excellent!

Napoleon Dynamite & Pedro

Napoleon & Pedro

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The movie Napoleon Dynamite was a huge hit when it came out in theaters over 10 years ago. And dressing up as Napoleon and his best friend Pedro is still awesome. If you are going as Pedro, you have to wear a mustache and use the right accent. Plus you will be able to find a wig and the clothes pretty easily. Napoleon is pretty easy because there are a lot of places that carry the right accessories. You can find a wig that works and also a Vote for Pedro shirt, moon boots and glasses. If two friends can do this and get in the characters, they can really pull off this hilarious duo.

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