Mexico’s Riviera Maya is the Perfect Bachelor(ette) Party Destination

If you visit the right places, you should know that Mexico is a paradise. Why else is it that people go not only to relax and recharge but also to party, and have the time of their lives. Our neighbors to the south have a lot to offer, especially to those newly engaged couples looking to plan the ultimate bachelor party. While destinations like Rocky Point, Cancun, and Mexico city are more of the popular areas, you’re truly missing out if you’ve never been to Riviera Maya. riviera-villadelavida-01

Off the Yucatan Peninsula, this destination is just a bit south of Cancun, and spans along the coastal highway 307, originally called the Tullum Corridor, the Maya Riviera is a playground for adults. Known for its superb resorts, dining, and nightlife. Yachts, jet skiing, snorkeling and scuba diving are also a popular attraction, since this area borders the beautiful Mar Caribe. The Belize Barrier Reef which hugs the coast of Mexico is the second largest barrier reef in the world! There are so many chances to see aquatic creatures in their natural habitats: sparkling clear waters. What better way to enjoy the scenery than to swim with dolphins?!

One of the best things you should do is rent out a private beachfront vacation rentals on the Riviera Maya, these luxury villas far surpass any other sort of hotel or holiday home. Stay in super contemporary or traditional inspired houses, complete with scenic views, pools, multiple bedrooms and more. Bring your guy or girlfriends along to experience the most magical pre-wedding bash of your life!

Whatever your style is, there’s a villa to match your mood, just fly into Cancun International Airport and take a short drive down the coast. Prepare yourself for beautiful weather, crystal clear beaches, nightclubs and the very best seafood you can imagine! Viva Mexico!

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