Netflix Secrets For a More Enjoyable Experience

NetflixNetflix has changed the way we watch television forever. The streaming-service offers hundreds of movies and television shows at the click of a button. But there are some other helpful hints that will make your Netflix watching experience even better.

Netflix is set to stream based on the quality of your Internet connection. But you can edit this option if you want to stream high-quality videos. Just hover over your name at the top right corner and click to access your account. Scroll down to the playback setting. Choose the setting high and now you can stream high-quality videos.

Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect movie or show out of all of those options. And sometimes the recommendations that Netflix gives aren’t actually what you are looking for. There is a site called Flicksurfer, which will list all content on Netflix. You can search by genre or by ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix, IMDb or a combination of all three.

There are a lot of times when your tastes changes over time and maybe you aren’t so fond over a movie or show that you used to like. You can actually go back to see everything you have rated on Netflix and even edit the ratings. Hover over your name again and go to your account. Scroll down to rating and here you can see the things you have rated and make adjustments to the list.

A new big redesign by Netflix has fixed those annoying carousel views. If you want to see all the titles in the best possible way on, then get God Mode. It displays every movie and show in a category putting them one click away, no need for scrolling. Go to the site and follow the instructions. Note that it only works when using Netflix on a computer. The developer is not affiliated with Netflix but is making the streaming service a lot easier to manage on your computer.

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