Road Trips for Everyone in New Zealand

New Zealand is a land for all. Irrespective of backgrounds, choices, and tastes, the country has in its envelope an array of sights and experiences that is sure to delight and surprise you. While in New Zealand, it becomes necessary to venture out on road trips as it is simply the best way to explore the regions around here.

1.     The Adventure Seekers

If adventure runs in your blood and you find nothing more thrilling than getting out of your comfort zone, then here are a few road trips you must take! Cover a distance of 677 KM as you take a road trip from Auckland to New Plymouth, through the Waitomo region. Take an abseiling tour at Waitomo, where you will descend down into deep dark caverns, limestone formations, and mysterious waterways. A plethora of glow-worms await to dazzle up your view as you try adventures like rock-climbing, crawling, and scrambling through difficult spaces! Alternatively, you could drive on the Whakatane to Auckland route, where you can visit White Island, New Zealand’s only active volcano. These road trips are made easier by services from Hertz Car Rental and the likes.

2.     Food & Wine

Indulge your senses in the best of Food and Wine across New Zealand. These road trips will acquaint you with the best that New Zealand has to offer! The road trip from Wellington to Napier is simply divine! The Martinborough Vineyard that hosts an annual wine festival is a must-visit while in Wellington. If you happen to be around on a Saturday, the Wairarapa’s Farmer Market is a delight as it brings to you a colourful ensemble of seasonal local produce! The Northland Wine Trail from Auckland to Kerikeri via Orewa has close to 14 wine stops en route. Experiment with the chardonnays, pinot gris or viogniers – the magic ingredients of white wine. Else, indulge and enjoy red wine, as is suited to your palate!

3.     Nature & Wildlife

The Hamilton to Central Plateau Loop takes you a step closer to nature. Visit the Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari, home to the threatened species of kiwi, takahe, hihi, and kaka. Visit the Hamilton Zoo to take a look at a few other native species of birds and animals. A Coast to Coast Walkway i.e a 16 KM trail is the best way to acquaint yourself with the local natural landmarks. Witness volcanic sites and sceneries that will simply leave you spellbound.

4.     History & Culture

If you are one that likes to learn and experience the culture of a region, then the Northland-Auckland road trip is made for you. Learn about the Maori and European history of New Zealand and visit the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, a place of historical relevance. The Taranki-Wellington route too, has snippets of history and culture hidden in its winding roads. The Wellington Writer’s Walk will appeal to the literature lovers. You could also see sculptures of poets and words of great writers inscribed in stone, here in Wellington.

5.     Family

The perfect getaways for a family trip have never been more accessible and easy. The Great Kiwi Road Trip starting Auckland will take you to exotic places like the Great Barrier Island and Waikahe. Sunbathe, visit the Rainbow’s End, and enjoy at a theme park to make the best of your trip. Take the Queenstown to Haast road trip to experience calm and clean waters. Explore a cruise trip with your loved ones and indulge in some horse riding and a barbeque lunch to make your trip simply perfect.

6.     Water Activities

If you happen to pick the Picton to Christchurch route, you will enjoy the best of all world. Not just food and wines, you can watch whales from a boat ride or a flightseeing plane or maybe even both! The Hawke’s Bay to Whakatane route has some water adventure lined up for you. Experience thrill like never before in a jet boat or while kayaking in the Motu River. Frequent visitor, Claude Maroui of Scottsdale, AZ says this is is absolute favorite thing to do in New Zealand!

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