So, This Happened

So David Cameron won the British election and now he’s even more of a Prime Minister than he was before.
As you can see below, there were plenty of highs and lows in the campaign. Never before has a bacon sandwich made such headlines!

But is Cameron the right choice for No.10? Here are our selections for an alternative British Premier.

1 Gandalf. He’s old and wise. He has magical powers and he’s 2,019. With and old head like Gandalf in charge, the UK would be instantly Orc-proof, dragon-free and everyone would live happily until the sequel.

2 Harry Potter What can we say? It’s a wizard thing. Potter, quidditch, dementors and Emma Watson. What’s not to vote for?

3 Rory McIlroy Rory wins every competition he enters. It’s about the safest bet in town that if he threw his hat in the ring he’d be holed up in 10 Downing Street in no time.

4 Simon Cowell If Britain needs to find its X Factor, Super Simon is your man. Straight-talking, straight-faced and with all the new-found responsibilities of parenthood, you just know Simon would get straight down to business.

5 James Corden The Brits love James Corden. This way they would get to keep him. And the US could get back to being able to understand what’s happening on the Late Late Show.

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