What’s On in Liverpool

There’s more to Liverpool than the being the birthplace to a few shaggy-haired musicians–this coastal town, West of Manchester and South of Blackpool is home to a bountiful culture of football fans, racing enthusiasts, musicians, and history buffs. Step back in time with some of this city’s old timey charm, or bask in the new modern architecture that is present day Liverpool and be sure to check out the following places:

The Casbah Coffee ClubLiverpool water front

What Liverpool trip isn’t complete without a Beatles tour? Experience the place where it all started back in the 1960s from former Beatles drummer,  Roag Best as your tour guide. Experience the small town feel sin this intimate setting right outside the main drag. See “John was here” carved into the wall and wander around this old house, for Beatle fans and history buffs alike.

The Grand National Race

What is more exciting than a day at the race track? Watch beautiful horses compete in a timeless Liverpool tradition, Aintree racing – Grand National Day. Across the globe, nearly 600 million people tune into the races to carry on the tradition which started in 1839. Whether you’re merely spectating or looking to place a bet on one of these majestic creatures, there’s no better time to see a spectacle like this.

Anfield Stadium

Football fanatics rejoice, the Liverpool FC’s headquarters at Anfield Stadium is the perfect place to learn about this iconic stadium. Enjoy a five course meal, an interactive tour, or get great seats to a game. This venue has been open since 1892, as the original home of the Everton F.C. before they moved out in 1891.

Liverpool Cathedral

What’s big, beautiful, and has no entrance fee? The Liverpool Cathedral was built over a 78 year span starting in 1900. The expert craftsmanship is jaw-droppingly divine, even if you’re not particularly religious, you’ll most likely have an “oh my god” moment. Inside and out you can find some of the best architecture and masonry around, you can even grab one of the cakes at the coffee shop! Take an audio guide for an enhanced knowledge about this legendary space–it’s one of the best and cheapest ways to spend an afternoon.




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