Widsdom Panel 3.0 is Revolutionizing Dog DNA Screening

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Mars Veterinary, the industry leader in DNA canine breed testing, is releasing a break-through DNA test called Wisdom Panel® 3.0. The test expands breed screening coverage on DNA tests and builds upon medical applications of such screenings. In addition, Wisdom Panel 3.0 intensifies the new MDR1 Genetic Mutation screening – a mutation medically titled Multi-Drug Resistance 1.

The break-through Wisdom Panel 3.0 can be done from home and covers over 250 breed types, reaching back to the great-grandparent level with only a 2-3 week waiting period for results. This screening is a simple, 2-swab test that allows for genetic testing to be done on mixed-breeds, purebreds, and designer dogs. The result possibilities vary and can include ancestry information, MDR1 Genetic Mutation Screening results, and a predicted weight profile for the dog. Screenings like the Wisdom Panel 3.0 are all-too-important for helping pet owners give their dog top-notch preventative or life-saving care. Other benefits of such screening include ability to train the dog specifically to their breed’s instincts, ability to develop nutrition plans specific to dog breed or ancestry, and ability to tackle any potential health problems related to breed or ancestry before they cause irreversible harm.

Those in the Scottsdale, Arizona area will have a chance to get a first glimpse of the test at the Holiday Pet Festival on December 5th, 2015. There, Wisdom Panel will be sharing information about the new DNA screening test, conducting swabbing, and offering specials on the ground-breaking take-home kits. Anyone at the event with their dog can receive a DNA swab for a special event-only price of $39.99 and have the exclusive chance to purchase a take-home kit for only $49.99. This innovative kit has an MSRP of $84.99 and includes: instructions, DNA cheek swabs, drying insert for swabs, and a pre-paid return shipping box. For more information on the Holiday Pet Festival, view their website (http://holidaypetfestival.com).

Mars Veterinary is revolutionizing canine DNA testing with the Wisdom Panel 3.0. We encourage you to check out their social media sites at the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

This post is Sponsored by Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 and Robert Nevin Medicis of Scottsdale Arizona.

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