3 Things You Need to Think About When Furnishing Your Vacation Cabin

A lakeside house, a cabin in the woods, a farm surrounded by open fields—these are favourite locations for a vacation home. Working in the city is a great way to further your career and get a decent salary for work that is not in demand in small towns. Some people are energised by the hustle of the city, at the same time some people yearn for the quiet countryside. Buying property as your vacation home is an excellent investment because it can be your permanent base when you retire.

Furnishing your vacation home might not be a priority now. You can always add items as you go. Before you make any purchases answer these three questions:

Who will be using the cabin with you?

It is important to think about the company you will have. If you are furnishing only for yourself, you are bound to splurge on key items like a nice recliner, hardwood furniture, or a well-equipped kitchen. You would not consider things like seating capacity, bed space, and the number of utensils in your space. Besides basic accommodation, there are items that you will only purchase if you were a group.

If you are using the cabin with family or friends, the follow-up question is: what kind of company? When you bring children, be sure to make safety precautions around the property and inside the cabin.

What activities do you want to do while you are here?

People use their retreat space differently. When your vacation house is a place for you to relieve your stress by pampering yourself, a bathtub would be a good investment. If your vacation house is more of a stopping place for your favourite activities like surfing or hunting, then a practical shower pod would be all you need.

Answering this also helps you think about your storage system. What kind of things do you want your place to stock up on? Do they need extra protection? An art space would need a big table and drawers. If you had control over how the house is made, you would prioritise introducing natural light. For activities like skeet shooting, your rifles need to be kept away from any moisture. They should be held in a space where children do not have easy access.

What are the issues you will encounter when you are here?

If your place is not near any town or other homes, you need to have a system in place to stock up your essentials. If your area is prone to snow storms, a backup generator is a must. Think about any accessibility problem area and add a ramp or an electric lift.

Generally speaking, all homes should have a first aid kit. If you have a family member with heart diseases and severe allergies, stock up on the needed care items. Even if you want to avoid people, having access to a landline connection is vital during emergencies.

Vacation homes are meant for recreational use and fun, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be practical about it. Before you stock up on your wants, have your needs in place.


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