4 Important Things That Manufactures Have to Know So That They Will Be Able to Balance Security and Productivity

In a report from Aberdeen that was carried recently, in the U.S. Derek E. Brink will be able to leverage data from 17,000 manufacturers and in Canada, they will make sure that they identify different challenges that face manufacturers today. As the manufacturers continue to accept the digital transformation, there are two challenges that they will face:

Challenge 1: is that they have to manage the roles and permissions of the portfolio that is somehow diverse and increasing.

Challenge 2: addressing the ever-evolving security, relentless, and the compliance risks that will crop up when they are expanding the user access.

The two challenges will be on top of every mind of the CIO, CIOs and IT managers that are interested in embracing the digital transformation. Here is a list of four essential points that your IT team needs to think about when they are developing an identity.

The access that the third party will have will continue to expand

One thing that is common is that users throughout are extending their enterprises so that to receive the access that they might need. The number of the external users is continuing to grow, that’s the reason why the manufactures should maintain a system that primary purpose is distributing app access, as well as have an understanding of the likelihood of security threats to happen.

The digital transformation that is the key to balancing the security and usability

The one thing that will be critical to the manufactures is securing and cost effectively connecting all the growing number of users. Expanding the users means that the business agility will increase, but if they are not correctly executed, they can be double-edged. For those enterprises that are not prepared, if they go ahead to use the expanded access, there is a considerable likelihood that they will face security-related risks. User credentials that are weak and stolen will be more alarming and top of the mind for more users.

Cyber-attacks are so common, and manufacturers incur the cost

Manufactures will be prime targets for thing like cyber-attack because they handle a wealth of sensitive data like the blueprint, business plans, finances, partnership agreement, and the blueprints. In fact, the 2017 DBIR pointed out that manufactures compared with any other industry they are at high risk of phishing attacks.

Beware of the operational cost of the whole traditional identity management

Manufacturers will sometimes be bothered because the cost of the operational cost of the traditional identity management is not that cheap. The end user will sometimes forget the app password, that will cause delay when it comes to the user productivity, but it will also slow the IT consistent flow of password. If the number of the external user is high, it will often result in the different directories, and as a whole, it will be the overly complicated identity management.

The way forward

The solution that the manufacturers need to identify is that they should come up with something that supports the complexity, scale of application and the diversity. It does not matter if they are managed in the cloud or on the premises. So many companies are trusting OneLogin with the help of making sure that the company apps and data are secured and managed. OneLogin will offer services like single sign on, real-time active directory, multifactor authentication that will come pre-integrated with the 5000 apps.

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