Creative Gift Ideas for the Holidays (and Beyond)

The season of gift giving is upon us, and we’re all scrambling for new and unique presents to put under the tree for our loved ones. However, it’s an especially big struggle to find the perfect gifts to give out to office colleagues and bosses. The idea is to have something not too personal, but not too cold either, otherwise it could seem like you didn’t put any effort into it.

To help you out, here are some creative, personalized gift ideas not only for the holidays, but for any occasion!

Make wall art for the office

Liven up the office space with a painted landscape or nature scene. Studies say nature eases stress and calms the nerves, so why not hang up a painting of a lush, green forest or one of a beach you once visited?

There are online businesses which convert photos to paintings, producing a creative and personal gift that anyone would enjoy. You could use a photo taken when the whole office crew was present, perhaps during an office picnic at a park or a company retreat, and have it turned into beautiful painting to display in the office space.

There is also the option for hand-crafted metal artwork, an art form that uses metal sheets as backdrops for the paintings. Then, a photo of your choice is either printed or painted onto the sheet, creating a unique and modern approach to art and painting. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a family member, colleague, or your whole company office, these sorts of customized gifts are sure to be special.

Company logo mats

If you don’t think your colleagues would be that interested in a panting, or you want something a little more professional, you could also look into custom company logo mats. This way, you can welcome employees and visitors with a mat that represents your company. Choose your logo design, or a catch phrase and company name, and turn it into a customized welcome mat. Gift it to your office or to a self-employed friend or family member.

Get a portrait painted

Everyone can easily take photos and print them out these days. But to have a painting of yourself is not as common as it was maybe 100 years ago. It’s an art and a privilege to have your portrait painted, and it can be a hassle to sit still for a long period of time while someone paints you. Instead of just sending a photo of the person you are gifting it to — your close friend, the whole office crew, or even your respected boss — have a professional artist use the photo as a reference to turn it into a painting.

Have a laugh

Did you capture a funny moment of your officemate or friend on camera? It’s always a gem when you capture someone’s awkward face, whether they were intentionally being goofy, or were caught mid-sneeze. If you know they’ll be cool with it, why not put that photo on a mug or something similar? You’ll end up with a joyful memory that both of you can always have a heartfelt laugh at.

Creative gift ideas aren’t so hard to find, as long as you keep an open mind and do a bit of searching. But a customized gift adds a special, personal touch, making that captured memory even more cherishable.

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