Five Points to Ponder When Getting a Fence for Your Big Dog

If you have a large dog, one concern that follows the ownership of this type of pooch is keeping your friend safe and secure on your property. You simply do not want your best friend breaking free and running about the neighborhood, or even beyond.

One thing to consider is to make certain that you have a proper fence at your residence to accommodate the safety needs of your dog. There are five points you need to bear in mind when it comes to building a proper fence at your home with your dog in mind.

Make Sure the Fence is Tall Enough

A prime consideration is to make certain that the fence you intend to build at your home is tall enough to keep your large dog secure. You must keep in mind that most dogs are jumpers, and very talented in this regard.


You may think that you have some idea of how talented your pooch is when it comes to jumping. You may have seen your dog jump more than a few times. However, you cannot be certain that your dog has really displayed his or her full talents in this regard.

In order to be certain you cover your bases in ensuring that a fence is tall enough to manage a large dog, consult with breed-specific experts to get a better idea of what your own dog might be capable of in regard to the matter of jumping a fence. In other words, do your due diligence.

When you complete the process, don’t skimp on fence. If you get a good amount of reliable feedback and data that says the fence should be seven feet, make it eight.

Avoid a Design Your Dog Can Climb

Another factor you need to take into consideration is the materials used to construct a fence. For example, you might be thinking chain link. That may prove to be a poor choice. More than a few canines are able to master the ability of climbing fences, particularly one made of chain link. This includes larger breeds.

If at all possible, attempt to put up a fence that has a fairly smooth surface on your side. You can accomplish this even if you have neighbors, provided you are willing to foot the full bill for the fence. In the end, giving your pooch any type of foothold can give your dog a change for defeating a fence.

Do Not Get an Invisible Fence

Like some dog owners, you may contemplate getting an invisible fence to “keep your dog in.” Many animal activists, and a multitude of dog owners, would recommend against taking this course.

The reality is that they way this type of fence works is to shock the pooch. In theory, this is supposed to be a mild shock. In theory, a dog is to learn from the shock and eventually not try to venture beyond a certain point. No matter the attached theories, a dog is shocked in the process and some argue this is not appropriate.

Another issue is based on the fact that while a primary purpose of a fence is to keep a dog contained, a fence is also designed to keep those who might cause harm to a dog out. An invisible fence by definition provide no protection to a dog from those who might be intent on causing him or her harm.

Keep Your Pooch’s Safety in Mind

Your dog’s safety has already been touched on when it comes to the propriety of using an invisible fence. There are other safety considerations that you need to bear in mind when it comes to constructing a fence to assist in managing your large dog.

A key consideration is to make certain that the fence does not have spikes at the top. Many fence designs have spiked tops. These can prove dangerous and even fatal to a larger dog.

You also need to ensure that there is no aspect of a fence that enhances the risk of your dog jumping in a manner that ends up snagging the pooch’s collar on the fence. This can result in your dog being serious injured, even killed.

Make Your Dog Not Want to Venture About

In addition to building a proper fence to manage your dog, another tactic you need to employ is keeping your dog entertained. One of the reasons dogs venture out is because they become bored.

Provide appropriate toys for your pooch. Spend time playing with your dog. Make sure your pooch enjoys being in his or her own yard.


Jessica Kane is a writer for Viking Fence, the number on fence rental company in Houston.

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