How to Live Like James Bond

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Let’s be honest, it’s every guy’s dream to be James Bond. Being a top-secret spy with badass gadgets, living the high life with a beautiful woman by your side – it is what dreams are made of. But what would it take to actually be James Bond?

Here, we’ll look at what a James Bond life would truly look like.

Equipping yourself with the latest gadgets

You can’t live like James Bond without some pretty cool gadgets, right? At the very least you’re going to need the very latest phone. Ideally, you’ll want one that provides facial recognition software.

Other gadgets you’ll definitely want to invest in include smart wearables such as an Apple Watch. Some of these wearables like the Fitbit, also come with advanced payment technology, meaning you can just swipe the watch to make a payment – totally James Bond style!

Cruising around in the latest supercar

Once you’ve got your gadgets sorted out, it’s time to hit the supercar garage. The more luxurious and expensive the car, the better!

Check out the latest range of supercars at dealerships such as Romans International. Just some impressive models to consider include the breath-taking McLaren 675LT, the stylish Aston Martin Vanquish and the ultra-cool Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

Dress to Impress

James Bond spends a lot of time schmoozing at fancy parties, dressed in an immaculate suit. It’s also part of the reason he gets the beautiful women! You can’t expect to live like a cool, successful spy if you’re wearing tracksuit bottoms and an old t-shirt!

So, head to the suit store and invest in a well-fitting, expensive suit. This will help you look and feel like the secret Bond that you are.

Check yourself in to a luxury hotel

As you jetset across the globe, you’re going to need to stay in awesome, luxury hotels. So, forget about budget hostels and camping – think Four Seasons or the Hilton. Of course, you’ll also want to stay in the hotel’s most decadent suite too, you know, just to keep up the image.

If hotels aren’t really your thing, you could opt to rent out luxury villas instead. Imagine heading out to the infinity pool, sipping cocktails with a beautiful woman as you gaze out onto the sea.

Indulge in entertainment

Finally, entertainment is a he part of James Bond’s life. You’ll always find him partaking in a round of golf, betting at a local casino or scuba diving in an exotic location. So, if you don’t have any cool James Bond style hobbies, now’s the time to take them up!

Of course, not everyone can afford to live a James Bond life. However, it is a pretty cool dream to have. It’s not totally unrealistic either, so don’t give up on your super-spy dreams!

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