The History of Casinos

The First Legal Casino Ever

People liked to gamble for many centuries, some people say that it started in the far Paleolithic period. Furthermore, card games appeared in the ninth century in China. Later, there was found evidence of all sorts of gamble games all over the world. Today, according to, in Europe, Italians are one of the first when it comes to gambling. Not only this, but the first legal gambling house was founded in 1638, in Venice, Italy.

This house was more like a foyer, a place behind the theater, where wealthy people meet to socialize, gamble or enjoy other forms of entertainment. Here, visitors wore the famous bauta masks, a mask that can be seen today during the Carnival of Venice. Therefore, it was impossible to recognize each other.

Latter, in 1800, all these ridotti were closed by the Doge of Venice on the suspicion of conspiracy. In the hope that these houses will increase the number of tourists, they were reopened as legalized casinos. Moreover, in 11 March 1851, Giuseppe Verdi first played Rigoletto, in one of the Venice’s ridotti.

Today, the online world took control over pretty much everything. Stores, services, entertainment, they are all on the online platform. The number of casinos is also increasing, while land based casinos have a slower growth. The online casino can offer all types of gamble games. In addition, they have to possibility of trying out a game for free. For instance, free slots can be played with just few clicks.


All in all, we started from a small room and know there are countless casinos. In addition, gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. With a number of online casinos that is in constant growth, we can see that the interest in games of chance is still there.


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