15 Unique ‘Something Blues’ For Your Wedding Day

Choosing “something blue” for your wedding day can be a tough choice. On the one hand, you might want to stick with tradition and bestow good luck on the marriage. On the other, blue might not be a part of your color scheme.

If you’re at a loss for your something blue, fear not. Here are fifteen ideas for inspiration.

The Aisle Runner

No one said that the blue article has to be attached to you. Choosing a blue aisle runner is unique and looks fantastic at a beach wedding. Choose something light and dreamy, so it looks like you’re walking on a cloud. This subtle tint of color will also help make your dress pop.

Your Dress

There’s something about a blue dress that invokes a Cinderella-like enchantment at your fairy tale wedding. Choose something bold and eye-catching or something light and dreamy, like misty blue from Azazie. Just don’t run away at midnight, and keep your shoes securely fastened.

The Garter

The garter toss is a tradition that has mostly fallen by the wayside. Even if you don’t like that particular wedding event, you can still wear a subtle garter to accomplish your goals of something blue.

A Monogrammed Handkerchief

Having a monogrammed handkerchief in blue is functional and fun. This prized memento can go in your wedding box after the fact, and help you catch any tears that might fall during the ceremony.

Your Lingerie

Blue lingerie offers a touch of surprise and delight on your wedding night. This is a fun way to get away from the tradition of wearing old-school bridal lingerie while adding a modern twist on something blue.

The Bridesmaids Dresses

For an easy, breezy summer wedding, dress your bridesmaids in blue dresses. Alternatively, opt for a lighter color with blue florals for a pop of color that’s very on-trend.

The Mother-of-the-Bride’s Dress

If your mom is a symbol of luck and love, have her be your something blue for the day. Not only will she stand out in the crowd, but it’s a nice way to incorporate her into the ceremony.

Something Borrowed

If you’re a multi-tasker at heart, borrow something blue from a loved one. This creates a sense of whimsy and works if you forget about this tradition until the last minute!

Your Dog’s Collar

Dog parents love incorporating the four-legged members of their family into the day’s events. Create a custom blue-collar for Fido. Bonus if you add a bowtie.

The Ring Pillow

A blue ring pillow is a subtle way to incorporate this custom into your ceremony. If you forgo the ring pillow for a box or cannister, incorporate blue padding or decorative elements. 

Your Shoes

Colored shoes add a fun pop of color. Bonus if you make them a stunning shade of blue. 

The Groom’s Suit

Blue suits with brown shoes have made a comeback. What better way to honor tradition than to dress your groom in a respectable shade of navy as your something blue?

The Flowers

There are a variety of naturally blue flowers that look incredible in a bouquet, especially when mixed and matched. Blue flowers can also be subtly incorporated as an accent piece. 

Handfasting Ribbons

For a unique twist on your wedding ceremony, opt for a traditional handfasting service. Use blue ribbons to (literally) tie the knot.

A Smoke Bomb

Smoke bombs are a recent trend at outdoor weddings that create incredible photo opportunities. Opt for a shade of blue for a showstopping spectacle that serves a purpose.

There are so many things you can do to have something blue in your wedding. It’s up to you to decide if you want it to be sleek and subtle or bold and bright.

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