Final Things to Do After You Receive Visa Approval to Move to Another Country

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You worked hard to get your visa and finally move to the UK, so you might have spent months or even years before finally receiving the visa. You are now ready to face a new chapter in your life in a country that is different from where you live, as you decided that moving to the UK is best for you. You hired the best immigration solicitors UK legal firms offer to aid you in the process. The only task for you to do now is settle things in your current home before you go.

Close your current bank account

You do not want to deal with bank issues as you move to another country. Even when your bank account is no longer in use, it could continue to incur charges so therefore, you should close it now before you forget about it.

Sell your property

Unless you have relatives staying at your house after you leave, you need to sell it as you might continue paying for real estate tax and other charges even when you are not residing there anymore. Besides, you will not have anyone to take care of it anyways. You will also need the money from selling the property to start a new life in the UK as you might enter as an immigrant without a job, and you will need money to sustain your family for the next few months.

Change your mailing address

If companies and other organisations wish to continue their ties with you, it is essential for you to notify them regarding the change in your address and you can do it once you have found a new home in the UK. You might miss some crucial correspondence if you fail to inform them about the change in your location.

Finalise your new home

You do not want to arrive in the UK and start looking for a place to stay, as you want to feel comfortable as soon as you arrive. If you are taking your family, you do not want to put them in an awkward spot if you have nowhere to live. If your kids are still studying, you might also want to settle the school where they are going to study, to avoid interrupting their learning process.

Determine how you can visit places

Everything in the UK will be new for you. Since you are unable to visit the country before you move there, you can start researching now. Find out how you can visit different places. You also need to check if there are vital services near where you are going to reside, like hospitals, markets, department stores, and schools.

Say goodbye to your old home

You will soon be leaving your country and it might take years before you head back. In some instances there is no going back, so therefore you need to visit the places you love before you finally say goodbye. Visit the people who meant a lot to you and say thank you to them.

Good luck on your new journey and make the most of this rare opportunity.

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