Here Are the 6 Most Romantic Places to Propose

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Are you thinking of popping the question soon? You must be nervous yet excited for this special moment. Indeed, marriage is a roller-coaster ride you will have to stay on for the rest of your life. But with your partner’s resounding “Yes,” you are sure to survive and enjoy it. Start planning the perfect proposal now. A marriage proposal can happen only once, so you have to make it unforgettable for both you and your beloved. Have you ever thought of the right place to get down on one knee? Here are six of the most romantic places to propose to your significant other.

Family Gathering or His/Her Home

Marriage is an important issue for families all around the world. That is why it is also good if you include your partner’s family in the proposal stage. You can have them informed ahead so that they can help you with the big surprise, or you can also choose to keep it a secret from them to make the surprise even bigger. Proposals that involve family members might be ideal whenever there are family gatherings (e.g., Christmas, New Year, birthdays, anniversaries).

Vacation Spot

If you and your sweetheart love to travel, you can bring along the engagement ring to your next adventure. Some people pop the question during the course of their vacation or during the ride back to their hometown. Moreover, you can spearhead in planning the vacation by choosing a romantic place or country to make the proposal memorable. For instance, you can opt for Paris, France, which is often dubbed as the “City of Love,” or you can visit the locks of love at the N Seoul Tower in South Korea. Take your partner to a place that reminds both of you of everlasting love.

Fancy Restaurant

If you want to make the proposal more intimate, you can take your partner to a fancy restaurant. This is a classic strategy, yet it works most of the time. There are so many restaurants nowadays that have aesthetic interior designs. Some restaurants are even located in outdoor settings, and this can help you with setting the mood and ambiance for the proposal. Book a reservation, and check out the restaurant’s menu. A glass of wine or champagne for both of you will also make things fancier.

Away from the City, Where Nature Lies

Another intimate way of popping the question is to take your significant other to a natural spot. Imagine the waves crashing between both of your feet while you get down on one knee. Or feel the breeze as you reach the highest point of the mountain or hill you climbed together, and whisper to your partner the biggest question of all time. You can also go fishing, camping, skiing, or trekking together and then return home engaged.

Where You First Met

What could be more romantic than a trip to memory lane? Take your lover to the place where you first met, may it be at a pub, school, the train station, or the workplace. Let your partner recall the details of your first encounter. After looking back at the past and talking about the present, it is time to start the future by showing him/her the engagement ring.

Public Places

If you’re the type who loves to make grand gestures for your beloved, then proposing in public would be an ideal strategy. However, a public proposal might be a little troublesome since it also puts social pressure on the person being asked. If you think your partner would be uncomfortable with a marriage proposal in public, then eliminate this option. Moving on, if a public proposal is feasible, then you can have it in places like an amusement park, an arcade, a department store, a museum, or a zoo. You can even do it amid a crowded street. Get ready for the people’s reactions once you kneel. They’ll take part in the surprise too.

Have you decided on which place you want to take your lover for the proposal? Aside from looking for a romantic place, you can also start looking for the shiny companion that will help you make your partner give that enormous “Yes.” Your significant other will surely drop his or her jaw upon the sight of a stunning earth-mined diamond ring sitting in that jewelry box. Good luck!

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