The Goldilocks Problem – How to Decide Which Car Size is “Just Right”

Going shopping for a new car is a time of choices. Choosing which make and model is right for you. Choosing your inclusions, upgrades and accessories. Choosing which dealership to buy from. And it’s a choice that is going to stay with you for a while. If you look after your new car, it could last you decades. But one choice that many people struggle with is deciding what size car they’re going to buy. There are as many car sizes as there are personalities, so this can be a tough decision. So let’s unpack this Goldilocks problem and learn how to decide which car size is just right for you.

City or Country?

First of all, where do you live? This will play a large part in informing the size of car you purchase. City-dwellers would benefit from a small SUV, whereas those in the country might opt for a larger four-wheel drive or utility vehicle. A small SUV is an excellent choice for urban lifestyles, giving you the tight handling and fuel efficiency of a smaller model while having superior storage room for longer road trips. SUVs often offer improved safety ratings over hatchbacks and sedans as well, so you can rest assured that in you’ll be safe and sound. 

Age and Lifestyle

Your stage of life and lifestyle will play a large part in your decision. Those in the market for their first car for uni or a part-time job may find that a smaller hatch or sedan suits their needs perfectly. These cars are great for zipping around town, quick trips to the shopping centre or heading out for a night on the town (drive responsibly, of course!). Whereas those about to begin raising a family might be better suited with a larger SUV or even a minivan. So, your choice of car size should match your lifestyle and age and your plans too. 

Ferrying Kids Around?

Speaking of families, this is a critical aspect of the decision. If you’re a young single with no plans to have kids any time soon, then a sports car might be the perfect choice for you. You’ll show off your sense of style and ease as you get around town in a mean low-down machine. 

Personal Preference Matters

Even if you’ve considered your age, lifestyle, family prospects and more, it can boil down to a matter of personal preference at the end of the day. Some people prefer larger cars, and will happily drive a four by four around the city, while people living in the country can be happy getting about in a hatchback or small sedan. So don’t neglect your personal preference when making this critical decision.


Finally, your budget is going to determine the size of the car you can afford as they only get pricier the bigger they are. If you’re purchasing second-hand and are on a shoestring, then that top of the range four-wheel drive may not be a wise choice. If you’re buying new and the sky’s the limit, then you’ll opt for the size that suits you best. Remember you’ll pay insurance, fuel and registration too, so watch your spending.

Summing Up

Choosing a car size is easy if you’ve followed the above steps. Your location will play a role in your decision, as will your age and lifestyle. If kids’ are on the radar, this will also factor in. Finally, personal preference and budget will seal the deal. Happy driving! 

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