5 Tips for Having the Best Online Dating Photos in 2020

Did you know that over 20% of adults say that they have met their spouse through an online dating app? And while you may be waiting for cupid to intervene, there are areas that you can tighten up on in order to speed up the process. 

Let’s take your profile pictures for example. While uploading tons of Snapchat-filtered selfies may seem like a good idea, there are other photo options that will help boost your online presence.

It takes one-tenth of a second for a person to form an impression after looking at someone’s face. Here are 5 tips for having the best online dating photos.

1. Mix Up Your Photos

When trying to choose the best online dating photos, it’s important to remember to mix up your photos. While it may be tempting to upload all of your bomb-selfies in one sitting, consider spreading your pictures out.

Consider a combination of action, portrait, and full-body shots. This gives your potential matches an opportunity to see your personality.

2. Show Off Your Hobbies

If you’re searching for a long-term commitment via your current dating app, you should consider showing off your hobbies on your online dating photos. 

If you have pets, take pictures with your furry babies in order to attract like-minded matches. If you’re a writer, Adobe has free images to use in order to create the perfect typography images for your profile.

3. Post Only One Group Photo

When it comes to online dating photos, never use a group photo as your main profile picture. Rapid scrollers will find it difficult to pick you out of the crowd. 

If you are going to upload a group photo, upload one with your family/friends. Make sure it has a genuine feel because profiles with stages photos are more likely to get rejected.

4.  Women Smile, Men Smirk

If you have ever wondered how the opposite sex views you, here is something to consider. Women are more attracted to men that give off a sense of pride. And men are more attracted to women who reflect joy. 

If you plan on uploading new online dating photos, men should consider posing with a lifted chest and titled head. While women should give off huge smiles.

5. Ditch Poor Quality Photos

Blurry and poorly edited pictures should never be online dating photo options. Because you only have about one-tenth of a second to make a lasting impression, you want to be sure to only upload medium to high-quality photos.

In addition, if your photo was taken from a long distance, scrollers would have to take an extra step in order to zoom into your picture. This will decrease your chances of getting quick matches.

Tips for Online Dating Photos and More!

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