7 cheat meals you can binge on this weekend

Weekdays are meant to follow the routine. Do everything as per a plan and schedule. But weekends, they are meant to break out from the regular mold and do everything that is usually left behind and overshadowed by the weekends. The weekends usually come clubbed with a clubbed with cheat days as well. Days when you are not bothered as much about the calorie count and the metabolism, days when you are ready to plunge into the fantasies of meals that you have had over the week. To help you choose from the cravings you have had across the week, here is a list of cheat meals you can have this weekend.

Wingstop combo meal

  1. Chicken wings– Do not miss out on your protein intake, you can still cheat on your diet and have some crunchy and spicy chicken wings. With a plethora of options to choose from you can get your hands on to a great cheat meal in the form of chicken wings from maven eateries like Wingstop which can promise you the taste that is worth cheating on your diet. You can also add some great fries and dips on the side to give you a memorable experience.
  2. Choco Chunk Brownie- If you have been depriving yourself of sugar for the entire week, it is not a bad idea to choose a choco chunk brownie for your cheat meal. Loaded with the amazing textured choco chips and mixed with the mouth-watering chocolate chunks, this brownie is sure to fill your sugar deficit and keep you satisfied until your next cheat meal. You can simply order the best of brownies online while saving up on using extra offers and discounts.
  3. Fries- While choosing healthy options every time is a good choice, going for a serving of some fries is a great option for a weekend cheat meal. You can choose from options ranging from Louisana voodoo fries to cajun fried corn. These fries are filling and sumptuous to keep you away from the fierceness of your cravings during the week. The calorie counter too is kept on the monitor. You can order some of the best options for fries and get them delivered to your doorstep easily.
  4. Mac n cheese- Without a pasta, any cheat meal should be considered incomplete. Get your hands on some of the best cheat meals this weekend aided by a creamy pasta and with chickpeas added to it. You can also add some extra chicken sausage to add the protein for keeping up with your diet even while cheating. You can also add some extra veggies depending upon the taste you have to make sure you are not missing out on any great opportunity to fill in the blank space for nutrients otherwise left out while dieting.
  5. Pancakes- The rock has apparently chosen pancakes as his cheat meal. Does it need to content for a liable cheat meal? Add some extra banana chocolate chips. You can also add some banana, protein powder, and flaxseed still let your macros stay intact and allow you to cheat on a meal. To make sure that these pancakes are not as pinching to your diet plans you can take care of the preparation method involved so that better monitoring can be done upon the nutrients being consumed.  
  6. Loaded Nachos- High calories, high carbs but low laden on sugar. Nachos are a great option while considering cheat meals. With this option, all the diet lovers can cheat and also make sure their diet does not go for a toss. To make these even healthier you can add ground beef, beans, peppers, cheese, avocados, and jalapenos among other veggies to add the much needed nutritious value.
  7. Healthy Pizza- Who hates pizzas? Probably no one, not even the diet lovers. In order to satisfy the craving, a pizza can easily fit into a cheat meal while adding veggies, thin-crust and sauces that are not as much a step backwards from the healthy options. To ensure not much harm is done to the macros you can also some lean protein in the form of chicken breast. With fresh basil leaves garnished over the top this cheat meal is everything that it takes for you to evade from the guilt.

This list can help you easily know what are the best options of cheat meals that you can choose from while not letting your health going on the plunging side of the balance. As good as they sound, you can allow yourself the leverage to indulge in such a meal at least once a meal to cope with the deficit of nutrients that these meals carry along with themselves.

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