Four Ways To Personalize Your Clothes

If there’s one trend that is taking over the fashion world, it’s customizing clothes. Everyone’s doing it, and rightfully so, it’s an amazing way to show your personality through what you wear. 

But it’s fashion, and as we all know, fashion changes every season. So what exactly is the best way to customize your clothes and make them uniquely yours?

Well, there are quite a few ways. From applying unique hydro flask stickers to distressing your clothes, we decided to go ahead and share our favorite ways to make your clothes and accessories truly your own through personalization!

So, without spending any more time on the intro, let’s get down to the best ways (in our opinion) to make yourself stand out through the clothes you wear. 

Add stickers to make your backpack or other accessories truly pop.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. 

This means that everything that you choose to wear will determine how good your outfit looks. So, why wouldn’t you make your backpack look cooler? 

Out go-to way is to add stickers. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s relatively affordable to do. You can also choose the right type and style of stickers that will fit your style. 

But if you’re good at painting, you can paint your backpack to make it uniquely yours. Grab a few brushes, fabric or leather paint depending on the material your backpack is made of and start customizing. If you can’t come up with something that you find incredibly cool, there are plenty of videos online, or you can just go with stickers. 

Grab a pair of old baggy jeans and make them truly your own by doodling with a cloth marker. 

Cloth markers are super cool, especially if you aren’t that good at painting, but you can doodle

And most of us can. After all, most of our days at school were spent doodling on your notebooks. So, go to the nearest large supermarket and get yourself a cloth marker (and make sure it’s for clothes because normal markers will get washed out when you put your personalized clothes in the washing machine. 

Head on Pinterest or Reddit groups and search for inspiration. 

Any boring piece of clothing can be made to look times better by grabbing a pair of scissors and distressing them. 

Yep. Get a pair of scissors and turn your long t-shirt into a crop top. Or shorten your jeans. Then grab a pair of tweezers and start pulling any loose cotton fibres. That way you’re going to create that distressed, flared look. 

Keep in mind that it happens fairly slowly, so be patient. It can take up to an hour to distress a pair of jeans. 

If you’re good at sewing adding embroideries is a great way to make something unique. 

And if distressing isn’t really your cup of tea, then embroideries are another cool way to add a bit of personality to your clothes. 

While making embroideries from scratch is really difficult, you can sew pre-made ones to make the whole process easier. 

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