Grocery buying guide: How can you save money on groceries

Groceries are a prime need for every individual, and everyone wants to buy proper items at a very affordable price. Many shops and supermarts are present in the market which provides groceries and offer excellent value and discounts. But are they value for money deals? I think no as you do not save much here. Instead, you end up paying more. Instacart, Walmart Grocery, Kroger are a few of such excellent platforms where you can buy groceries at a massive discount. They get the necessary groceries delivered to your doorsteps at a reasonable price. You can order everything you want from the grocery section and avail some amazing discounts and deals using exclusive coupons such as save $15 off with Instacart coupon, save$10 with Walmart grocery code, and much more.

Various tips following which one can make a significant saving on buying groceries are as follows:


There are numerous shops and supermarkets which provide groceries. Sometimes one can find that for the same item, two shops are charging different rates. On comparing the deals from various shops or supermarkets, one can get a rough idea of the fluctuation in the cost and hence can choose accordingly to save max on purchases. Brands like Walmart Grocery and Kroger offer products at more affordable prices.

Making List

Listing out things and preparing before buying can help us save a lot. One can make a notepad, and you even get individual expense tracking notebooks and make an inventory of all the things that are on their way to getting over. You just need to take this list with you when you’re out shopping next and stick to it as much as possible. And if you’re a perfectionist, keep records that are divided into perishables and non-perishables. Moreover, making a list can also give a rough idea of the monthly expenses in the current month.


Following packet instructions

Suitable and branded products (for example, the outcome of Kroger, Walmart Grocery, etc.) have storage instructions mentioned. Few products need to be stored in dry places, dark containers, and so on. Usually, they are mentioned on the pack following this instruction, and your instructions last till you’re done with them, and hence you will save more. For example, bread can’t stay for too long, so unless you’re a large family of bread addicts, you may consider smaller loaves of bread. If you still have the dough left, you may prefer a refrigerator for a day or two, and warm it in a toaster. Hence, by following the packet instructions, one can prevent their grocery from being damaged, which will definitely reduce the expenses.

Tasting Samples

One can buy small tasting samples and try experimenting with food products. It lets you figure out whether you like it at all or not, and whether to make it a part of your daily diet. Unprocessed cheese is one such example. You might like the sound of an exotic varietal, but it may not last beyond two to three days. So buy the smallest quantity possible. This will prevent you from spending too much on one thing as a result of which we can cut expenses.

Prefer Good deals

Clubbed offers are a great way to save money when you’re buying groceries. In festive seasons many combo offers are available at a reasonable price fetching good discounts. Keep an eye out on deals such as two for the price of one on spices, cereals, flours, and other household goods that you are familiar with. Moreover, some times groceries of Walmart and Kroger are offered at a good price in the combo. You’re unlikely to change your mind in a month. You can save money on buying groceries in combo deals.

Planning the meal

One can plan their meals every week, and you can buy exactly what you need, and not splurge on food products that you won’t end up eating after all. Go for a plan, and your grocery list is right there. Just buy what you need, and maybe spare a little amount of a few indulgences. This will make you buy things strictly according to your needs and hence be very useful in saving money.

Hence one must act wisely and follow the tips before going on to shop for groceries as these tips will be very useful in maintaining a healthy wallet and save your money up to a large extent. Moreover, one can use the instacart app or website to buy groceries as here one can get the groceries of good brands like Kroger, Walmart Grocery, and many others at great offers and discounts.

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