Which Type of Bed Liner Should You Get?

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Owning a pickup truck makes you feel proud because you now have a useful piece of equipment worth its monetary value. A pickup truck is an all-round vehicle that you can use as your main mode of transport. It is the perfect vehicle for moving different items, hauling junk, construction equipment, furniture, etc.

However, although the pickup truck is a sturdy vehicle, it can show some wear and tear. When this happens, you should consider using a truck bed liner to protect your vehicle’s metal parts from further damage, such as holes, rust, dents and scratches.  

But if you want to protect your pickup truck and keep it in excellent condition, consider purchasing or installing a truck bed liner before you use your vehicle for the first time. Consider it insurance that will save you from incurring costly repairs later.  

Different types of truck bed liners

You’ll typically find different types of bed liners today, from drop-in, spray-on/roll-on/paint-on, bed mat and bed rug. Each type suits a different need and purpose. Your choice will depend on how you use your truck or the material you usually load into your truck. Another factor to consider is your budget for the truck liner.

  • Drop-in bed liner. There are pickup trucks that are sold with a drop-in bed liner pre-installed. A drop-in bed liner is made of tough plastic and molded to fit the specific truck model’s bed securely. The plastic bed liner is fastened by bolts through holes drilled into the bed. A drop-in bed liner is quite sturdy and will give your bed protection from wood, debris, bricks, and other light construction material, acting as a shock absorber. Although the liner will not last long, the cost is very low, making it easy to replace. The downside is that water may seep through the drilled holes. Collected water under the liner can lead to corrosion of the metal parts.  
  • Spray-on bed liner.  The popularity of spray-on bed liners continues to increase. However, it is also the most expensive option. But if you want a long-lasting truck bed liner, this is an excellent choice. For one thing, the spray-on bed liner comes in different colors. It is tough and durable, and you can choose a smooth or rough finish. You can find a good selection of spray-on bed liner from durabakcompany.com. It is better to have a professional apply this type of truck bed liner because the process takes a few days and requires a lot of prep-work.
  • Bed rugs.  You might find bed rugs a good option if you move light materials. A bed rug is made from polypropylene, one of the safest commercial plastics we use. The top of the rug is covered with polyester fabric. You can get one that will lay flat on the truck bed. You also have the option to pay extra to have a bed rug that covers the sides and tailgate of the truck bed. It installs snugly as it is molded to your truck bed’s configuration. A power washer will do an excellent job of cleaning it. However, a bed rug can be pricey.
  • Bed mats. If you want something very affordable, you can get a bed mat, typically produced using recycled rubber tires. It is easy to use and remove. Because it is made of rubber, the bed mat prevents items from sliding and banging into other items you have in the truck, protecting the metal parts from scratches and dents.  

Consider how you use your pickup truck and your budget so you can provide the right protection to your vehicle.

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