Let’s Be Honest, Do Rebound Relationships Ever Work?


Breakups can shatter us. They can make us doubt things about ourselves that we’d never doubted before, and can leave us feeling hopeless about the future. Enter: the rebound. These short-term fixes feel good, give you hope, and can give your confidence a much-needed boost. But do they last?

Experts say… why not? New research shows that rebound relationships can flourish when executed correctly.

Claudia Brumbaugh, P.h.D., found that individuals who are in rebound relationships experience increased well-being and self-esteem. Not to mention, people on the rebound tend to feel a higher sense of respect for their new partners compared to their former counterparts.

Stephanie Spielman, P.h.D. a social psychologist, reported that people with attachment-related anxiety found it easier to cut ties with their previous relationships after they entered a rebound period. When anxious individuals spend time with their new romantic interests, they are more likely to step aside from any negative feelings that stemmed from their breakup.

Even if your rebound relationship does not work out, it proves that you are capable of putting yourself out there despite the breakup pains. That reassurance alone is enough to strengthen your relationship with yourself

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