What Are the Top 3 Delta 8 THC Cartridges for 2021?

If you are someone with a keen eye on developments in this fast-growing market you can’t have failed to notice that Delta 8 brands have really hit the headlines in recent times with a virtual explosion in the range of THC cartridges available.

The big question is which Delta 8 THC cartridges should be on your radar if you want to enjoy the best options and experience around?

Here is a look at what Delta 8 THC is and the top 3 cartridges to consider.

One of the most common minor cannabinoids that are found in the same hemp used to extract CBD is D8 THC. Also, one of the big reasons why Delta 8 is surging in popularity is down to the fact that the psychoactive effects are less intense than its Delta 9 counterpart.

One of the most important aspects of buying any THC product is to purchase from a trusted source so that you know all the right testing procedures and checks have been carried out before any product is sold to you.

These products make the top three for these and all the other right reasons, such as taste and experience as well.


Enjoy the Mowie Wowie flavor with this popular Delta 8 cartridge that is 150mg of CBD and that tropical flavor experience that so many love.

The liquid in this cartridge contains a unique blend of full-spectrum CBD oil and does not contain any common vape additives such as VG or PG.

Another great reason why this cartridge makes the list is that it contains some flavorsome compounds that deliver that real fruit and herb taste experience.

These Delta 8 cartridges are made with 99.7% pure distillate and that compares well against plenty of other Delta 8 vapes that usually only contain between 80% to 90% distillates.

Diamond Chill Plus

Next on the list is Diamond CBD 8 Chill Plus.

If you are someone looking for one of the strongest Delta 8 cartridges that closely replicate the Delta 9 experience, Chill Plus fits the bill.

If you are not accustomed to the highest level of potency, Chill Plus might prove too strong. However, they contain no artificial additives and an impressive range of different flavors such as Pineapple Express and the unique Sour Diesel.

If potency is what you are seeking, Chill Plus is worth a look.

Single Source

This brand of THC products aims to offer complete transparency in terms of lab testing results so that you make an informed decision about their range of D8 products.

A key selling point of the Single Source cartridges is that they are considered to be at the budget end of the cost spectrum and that means they tend to offer good value for money.

The flavor range contains some unique options like Girl Scout Cookies and Agent Orange and Single Source deserves a mention because it manages to offer flavor potency at a budget-friendly price.

Sometimes, your choice of cartridges might be dictated by whether you want a Delta 8 THC cartridge that offers the full rainbow of cannabinoid content or a purer Delta 8 THC vape experience.

These three options give you choices in both areas.

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