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Colbert Hits a Home Run with The Late Show

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert premiered on Tuesday and Colbert nailed it. Over 6.6 million viewers tuned and it looks like Colbert might become the king of late night talk shows. Stephen Colbert got his start on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He went on to host his own successful show, The Colbert… Read more »

Star Wars Hits a Home Run with Force Friday

Last Friday was Force Friday and it did not disappoint. Star Wars fans were able to shop for a number of new Star Wars merchandise in preparation for the December release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Retail stores like Target and Wal-Mart went all out for this special Star Wars day and a week… Read more »

Kimmel Gets Educated By Gamers

This is hilarious. Jimmy Kimmel angered a lot of gamers the other week when he said watching other gamers was a waster of time. Kimmel received a number of harsh comments so Kimmel met with some gamers to learn more about the new popular trend.     Feature image courtesy of

The Best Characters on South Park

South Park has been around for years and some of us have grown to know the characters better than our own friends. Matt Stone and Trey Parker created the show and do those two know how to push some buttons. The show has been on Comedy Central since 1997 and gets better each year. These… Read more »

Star Wars Land Coming to Disney Parks!

Star Wars be prepared, Disney has announced that a Star Wars-themed Land will come to both Disneyland and Disney World. This will be an excellent chance to give fans the chance to get a closer look at a galaxy far far away. Disney parks have always had some Star Wars fun, but a whole land… Read more »

Taco Bell Serves Up Alcohol

Taco Bell is always pushing limits. With their unique menu full of interesting spins on Mexican food, what more could Taco Bell come up with? Well how about serving alcohol? Yes it is, true. A new Taco Bell location in Wicker Park in Chicago is doing a trial run of serving customers wine, beer and… Read more »