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10 Things I Would Rather See at Coachella 2013

1. Mick Jagger Breaking His Hip 2. Postal Service Reunion Decides to go dubstep 3. Mary Kate and Ashley debut their new grindcore band 4. Wu Tang Clan talk about the importance of gender equality and animal rights 5. Sigur Ros causing mass breakouts of sobbing , kills “Coachella chillwave buzz” 6. Grimes making contact… Read more »

Grumpy Cat: The Spirit Animal of a New Generation

“Tartar Sauce,” affectionately known as Grumpy Cat, appeared on the internet meme scene in 2012, and quickly made his way into the cold, beating hearts of disgruntled youth throughout the globe. He is a testament to staying true to one’s self, and lives with the sincerity and awareness non-paralleled in this day and age. Grumpy Cat is often dressed… Read more »

January 7, 2013

Why You’re Boring

If you find yourself saying “I’m bored” more times than not, feel stuck, or have difficulty doing anything, this article is for you. 1. You post everything of any interest to the internet. Everyone is always posting about their projects, parties, every sketch, every batch of cookies–people basically share every single thing they do, as… Read more »

My Experience as a Female at a Reddit Meet Up

I’d been surfing Reddit for years now, mostly passively, until I went on vacation about a year ago and I figured, why not use this thing to meet people? I had a boyfriend at the time so I wasn’t looking for any rendezvous with some  mustachioed lover boy, therefore I naively decided to go to a… Read more »

Why Hedgehogs are Awesome

Hedgehogs do their own thing. You give hedgehogs baths in the sink–with a toothbrush! It’s way cooler than trying to give your cat a bath, good luck with that. Hedgehog snuggles! Hedgehogs can hang out with other animals once they’re comfortable. Pet team, ASSEMBLE! Endless entertainment. You won’t have to worry about Dr. Eggman anymore…

December 24, 2012