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Getting Doug With High

In the tradition of other great web series like Tubbin’ with Tash and the Arscheerio Paul Show,  Doug Benson has begun his own series where he gets high with other comedians. Doug Benson rose to popularity with his documentary Super High Me, which adopted Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me premise. Doug got high everyday for… Read more »

Improv Training Outside of the Big City

Whether you have been performing improv for years or you’re just beginning, chances are you have heard that the only places to train are in the “big three” cities; Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Not everybody has the leeway in their personal lives to pack up their belongings and move to Chicago. You might… Read more »

October 23, 2014

This Stupid Week on Masterchef: Top 13 Compete

After writing a scathing dissection of this year’s Masterchef competition I decided I would waste even more of my time by doing episode recaps of every stupid episode of Masterchef for the remainder of the season. Dumb Mystery Box Challenge As usual we open on a thundering orchestra as the contestants stand behind their cooking… Read more »

The Interesting and Delicious Food of Thailand

For regular reader of Modern Thrill, it will come as no surprise that I am something of a foodie. I truly enjoy everything about food from the preparation and history to sharing regional dishes with the people who have been making dishes for centuries. If you haven’t noticed, there has been a large proliferation of… Read more »

July 3, 2014