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Worst Hip Hop Collaborations

Hip hop has always been about collaboration and borrowing from a wide range of genres and styles. The first hip-hop tracks borrowed from funk artists like Chic and Run D.M.C made history by collaborating with Aerosmith. Alas, not every blending of genre will work. Here are the worst hip hop collaborations from the history of… Read more »

July 1, 2014

A Crowdfunded Culture II: Amatuers

Alright, time for rant #2 on the crowdfunding epidemic. Last article I touched on the celebrity kickstarter, this time I’m attacking those starving artists. I have an issue with (some) smaller campaigns by filmmakers, artists, and musicians. Art is about sacrifice.  That  isn’t supposed to be some deep philosophical statement, art is literally about sacrifice.  Artists’… Read more »

A Crowdfunded Culture: Celebrities

When Kickstarter was founded in 2009, it was built on the concept that small-time artists and inventors don’t receive the attention from big investors to make their projects come to life. The idea was to bring these creators into the coliseum of public opinion and let the people decide. While the idea is well meaning… Read more »

Reality Show Contestant “Not Here to Make Friends”

The twitter-verse is exploding  following reality television star, Marcia “Gritz n’ Gravy” Hendrix’ statement that she is  ,”Not here to make friends.”   The statement came during the Monday night premiere of The Courting of Coulier, a hybrid cooking/dating show in which competitors fight for a food court lease in Atlanta’s Perimeter Mall, as well as… Read more »

Worst Television Spinoffs

When a television sitcom reaches a certain level of success, Hollywood producers often see dollar signs in milking every bit of commercial appeal by crafting a spin off series. The ones that succeed do so by crafting their own vision and style, distancing themselves from the original series. The ones that fail are either uninspired… Read more »

Best Shows Canceled by Comedy Central

Comedy Central has long been churning out impressive original series and a whole bunch of stinkers. However, the network has had to cancel some groundbreaking series because they didn’t have the widespread appeal to connect with middle america.  Some of these shows were too cutting edge and some were just too damn weird, but here… Read more »