Oscar Mayer’s Say it With Bacon Ad

Oscar Mayer Say it With Bacon Ad

Oscar Mayer’s newest ad campaign is in the same vein as a typical jewelry commercial: A couple on some romantic date (champagne by the fire, on a beach, or at a fancy restaurant), with soft music playing in the background until the man pulls out a jewelry box which the woman opens, acts surprised, then hugs/kisses the man, all while some corny voice over plays saying something like, “This Mother’s Day, show her how you really feel.”

In Oscar Mayer’s take, we watch as a couple in a horse-drawn carriage enjoy a nice sunny day until the woman pulls out a rather large jewelry box which contains two pieces of fantastic looking bacon. The cheesy voice over says, “When words just aren’t enough, say it with bacon.”

Pretty much ┬ánailed it on the head with this one. Diamonds are to woman as bacon is to men. Oscar Mayer’s “Say it With Bacon” ad even goes into the “process” of creating the perfect strip of bacon, much like you would see in a typical diamond commercial.

If you were wondering if you could actually send the gift of bacon to that special someone, the answer is yes. According to campaigns website, visitors can send loved ones a sealed package of bacon in a fancy case from $22-$28. Each package includes one of three gifts: a stainless steel money-clip, a multi-tool, or a pair of bacon cuff-links.

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