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What to Do With Old Electronics Cluttering the Office

Old electronics are an inevitability of living in the modern era.  Not only are almost all households full of electronics that haven’t been touched in years, but this doesn’t stop at the door of our home offices. If you’re considering getting rid of electronics but aren’t sure where or how to do it: these are… Read more »

How to Set up the Ideal Electronics Station at Home

If you enjoy keeping up with the cutting-edge of innovation, or simply enjoy engaging your natural curiosity for tech-related topics, you might find a thrilling new hobby in the world of electronics.  To truly make the most out of your penchant for practicality, why not set up your very own electronics station from the comfort… Read more »

Apple Is Selling Refurbished iPhone 7s

The trend for refurbishing its hardware continues as Apple offers phones Thanks to its longevity and build quality, in general Apple hardware represents a sound proposition when bought used. Many who have bought pre-owned Apple products have enjoyed many years use out of them, so it’s a good way of saving money but still benefiting… Read more »