3 Games to Get Your Pulse Racing

The pace of modern life is speeding up. So much to do, so little time! That’s why, when it comes to gaming thrills, there are a host of options to ensure that you can enjoy your leisure time with maximum thrills but without having to invest a huge time commitment. These “pick up and go” style games let you play wherever and whenever. Here are five of the best to set your pulse racing.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Whether or not you’re an old school Nintendo fan or entirely new to the Mario franchise, Super Mario Run will quickly suck you in. The side-scrolling, auto-running action sets the pace for the game, with Mario dashing around through a variety of landscapes, stomping on monsters and collecting coins in a bid to complete levels in the fastest time possible.

There’s also the addictive Toad Rally mode, which you can enter by accruing tickets in the main game. You compete against other players’ level times by racing their ‘ghosts’ to the finish line.

Both modes provide a fast-paced outlet for those with a competitive streak – perfect for players with a limited amount of time on their hands.


Russian Roulette

Online Roulette

There’s nothing quite like the sense of glamour and anticipation that a casino can deliver but, if you don’t have time for a whole evening out, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out entirely. The spread of technology and the growth of gaming sites have delivered a kind of Las Vegas online experience that would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago. Many major companies, like the Bitcoin-only site, Vegas Casino, have encapsulated their entire offering in a mobile or tablet app. 

Nowadays, the thrill of the ball clicking around the roulette wheel as it slows can be enjoyed from the comfort of your sofa, at your desk, or even out and about thanks to that same mobile technology. The pulse-quickening sensation of the ball clacking towards your number has never been so accessible. Online roulette players can enjoy all the thrills of the casino without the need to get dressed up in their finery in order to do so!

Candy Crush Mobile app

Candy Crush Saga

One of the most addictive games in a generation, Candy Crush Saga is played around the world. The premise – moving colored blocks into matching lines of three, four, or five – is so simple that the game is suitable for players of all ages. A range of bonus items can be purchased to help you with particularly hard levels, and these monetized features are so popular that Candy Crush Saga has a daily estimated revenue of over $2 million. The game is installed by some 70,000 new players every day.

The simplicity of Candy Crush Saga demonstrates just how much potential an addictive game can have. The thrill of completing a particularly tough level brings with it a satisfying sense of achievement and the short nature of the levels means that players only need to find a couple of spare minutes each time they want to attempt a level, making it an ideal game to play during lunch breaks, while riding the bus to work, or even when in the bathroom! Can games get much better than that?

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