Organic Rosé Wine cannot be missing in the most special moments

The Spanish brand Born Rosé was only founded in 2019, however, these few years have been enough for the company to be recognized as one of the best in the sector. Its Organic Rosé Wine is recognized as one of the most delicious rosé wines in the world.

One of the most popular drinks in the world is rosé wine. It is commonly consumed in summer, as it is a wine that brings a lot of freshness, however, that sweet and fascinating taste that characterizes it makes it to be enjoyed in the most special moments at any time of the year.

Rosé wine combines the delicious taste of red wine with the freshness of white wine, hence its name, which makes it a very unique drink. Its sparkling texture makes it perfect to drink on its own, as well as to accompany lunches or dinners.

It is usually a wine used in food pairing and in Mediterranean cuisine, in fact it is a perfect complement to dishes such as pasta, sushi, rice, seafood, cheese, among others. It is considered, then, as an extremely versatile drink.

To enjoy it properly, it is important to select a rosé wine that truly lives up to its name. Not all brands offer a good product, so it is necessary to know beforehand the rosé wine you are going to buy in order to really enjoy it.

One of the most outstanding brands nowadays is Born Rosé, specifically one of its star products, Organic Rosé Wine. Although this Spanish wine manufacturer emerged just a few years ago, it has already managed to position itself as one of the best rosé wine brands worldwide, having a presence in luxurious restaurants in iconic cities such as New York, Barcelona (where it is native to), the Netherlands, among others.

A different concept

Organic Rosé Wine is a light, dry and aromatic wine, with the refreshing touch that characterizes rosé wines. It has a distant taste of tropical fruits and floral aromas, which makes it a wine that can be drunk both during the day and in the evening.

It has a low alcohol level (11.5%) and its sugar percentage is low (2.6 grams per litre). This makes Organic Rosé Wine suitable for people who are not normally wine fans, but who are attracted by these characteristics. After tasting it just once, they end up falling in love with its taste.

Something that characterizes not only Organic Rosé Wine, but the Born Rosé brand in general, is its unique concept. These are wines that were not created to be drunk at glamorous events (although they are also suitable for that), but have an emphasis on being a drink to have a good time, away from formality.

In this sense, Born Rosé creates wines to be drunk in moments of fun, together with good company. Authenticity, modernity and pleasure are the terms that define the brand, allowing consumers to enjoy the good things in life at any time, accompanied by a unique drink.

Born Rosé is a brand that considers itself a “digital native”, as most of its sales are made online and its image is closely linked to social networks. Even the brand’s website reflects the casual, casual and chic style that characterizes its philosophy and its wines.

Organic Rosé Wine, and the other Born Rosé products, can also be purchased at the Cool Places points of sale, located in Europe, America and Asia Pacific. This integrated network stands out for its exclusivity, being present in places where luxury and good taste reign.

However, despite the prestige of the brand, the products are not overpriced. A bottle of Organic Rosé Wine can be purchased for 11.25 euros, a quality rosé wine at a fair price.