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John Lasseter’s Latest Releases: A Look at Current and Upcoming Films From the Head of Skydance Animation

Celebrated director John Lasseter, whose film credits include “Toy Story,” “Up,” and “Cars,” is now the head of the animation division at Skydance Media. In collaboration with Apple Original Films, Lasseter recently released the short “Blush,” which is now available on Apple TV+. He’s also getting ready to release two new full-length films this year:… Read more »

Original vs. Cover: Which Band Should You Book?

Planning an event isn’t easy; there are so many factors to consider when creating a plan for an event. One of the most important parts of planning an event is entertainment. Many event planners will hire live bands for their events because people love to listen to music.  When thinking about hiring a band for… Read more »

The Hollywood Reporter Announces Whoopi Goldberg Will Join John Lasseter’s Recent Skydance Project “Luck”

The Hollywood Reporter recently ran a story reporting that Whoopi Goldberg will co-star with Jane Fonda to voice the role of The Captain in the Skydance Animation feature Luck, produced by John Lasseter, set to be released on Apple+ TV in February 2022. Advanced press from Skydance Animation reveals that the plotline of Luck tells… Read more »

Why You Should Get An Indoor Pool Table

Many people enjoy playing billiards because it is a fun way to spend time with friends or to develop one’s own skills. However, there is much more to billiards than meets the eye, and we’re not talking about technique. Playing billiards has certain health advantages. Although you might not have considered that part of the… Read more »