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Axelle Despiegelaere Gets the Axe for Hunting Photos

Things sure move fast in the modeling world.  Just ask Axelle Despiegelaere, the gorgeous Belgium football fan who was canned days following her new gig. Despiegelaere nabbed the attention of L’Oreal advertsing execs after a brief stint in the World Cup. Cameras capturing the game panned to the 17-year-old blonde beauty throughout the match — and… Read more »

Donald Sterling Has No Place in NBA

If you follow the NBA at all you’ve probably noticed there’s been a lot more talk about an old bigoted slug-like creature rather than the amazing basketball that’s transpired thus far. But, if you don’t follow the NBA at all – it’s cool, I get it, sportsandstuff – let me bring you up to speed…. Read more »

The Most Useless Controversies of 2013

2013 was filled with some of the most shocking revelations in history, we found out that the National Security Agency has secretly been monitoring our phones, email, and social media accounts. The Obamacare website was inoperable for months after it’s launch, and the government shut down for two weeks costing U.S.  taxpayers 2 billion dollars…. Read more »

Business Jargon is a Great Way to Irritate People

Apparently business jargon is a real thing. Thinking back on movies like Office Space, “We need to talk about your TPS reports,” it surprised me when I worked my first office job that people actually talk like this. I find business jargon to be supremely cringe-worthy. As it so happens, I’m not the only person… Read more »