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5 Tips for Choosing Investments

When you’re first starting out, the world of investing might seem complicated and intimidating. How do you know when something is a good investment? How much should you invest and when? While these questions don’t have easy answers, there are a few industry best practices that you can follow to improve your odds and make… Read more »

September 19, 2020

Simple Ways to Increase Your Income As A Student

If you find that you’re studying and are unable to pay the bills – and often afford nutritious food – you’re certainly not the only one. Studying can be a tough time for many, particularly as there is so little time to find work and dedicate time to proper budgeting. Although finding some casual work… Read more »

Four Tips for Choosing 3rd Mortgage Lenders

Have you considered applying for a third mortgage for a while, but you’re afraid that the moneylenders won’t find you eligible? Actually, a lot of people are hesitant when it comes to taking out a third loan, as financial institutions don’t consider them as credible, taking into account their previous credit history. Nevertheless, there are… Read more »

February 14, 2020

How to Lower the Interest on Your Student Loan

Your interest rate will make a huge difference in the amount you’ll pay for a loan. You’ll pay $6,892.85 in interest for a total amount of $31,892.85 if you borrow $25,000 at 5.05 percent interest over 10 years.  Lowering that interest rate by one percent reduces that amount to $5,444.81 for a total of $30.444.81…. Read more »

September 25, 2019

Debt – The Good, The Bad, And The Downright Horrid

Towards the end of 2018, Americans showed significant caution when it came to revolving credit, which includes credit card debt. The figures reveal that debt outstanding was $4.77 billion, whereas the previous month revealed a figure of $9.34 billion. While debt is often touted as the source of every financial problem the American household may experience, there… Read more »

February 25, 2019

Having a Way with Words: 4 Auto Insurance Settlement Negotiation Secrets

Everybody knows that car accident insurance companies will do anything they can to minimize the settlement payout and limit responsibility. It is in their financial interest after all. This is why settlement negotiations with insurance company representatives can be painfully slow, stressful, and difficult to navigate. They will always push for the lowest settlement possible,… Read more »