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Dogs with Hip Dysplasia – How to Identify It

Hip dysplasia in dogs is one of the most common orthopedic problems, especially when it comes to large breeds. It is a disease that develops as the pet grows and affects the hip joint. This condition can become very severe over time as it leads to progressive degeneration. That is why it is important to… Read more »

June 22, 2022

Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter for Your Dog or Cat

Every responsible pet parent wants the best for their pet. This is whether or not they are physically present to ensure the pet gets what they need. Speaking of not being physically present, this is a possibility for every one of us. Regardless of how lengthy the absence may be, there will be times when… Read more »

July 15, 2021

What Are the Best Food for Freshwater Fish?

Do you own an aquarium full of fish? Even though these species are among the least demanding pets, they still require a healthy environment and proper nutrition.  Species differ in their diet requirements, depending on whether they are top-feeders, mid-feeders, or bottom dwellers. Hence, freshwater fish foods come in a vast array of sizes, shapes,… Read more »

May 17, 2021

4 Blue Frenchie Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know

4 Blue Frenchie Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know Blue frenchies are a beautiful type of French bulldog. If you want to know more about the dogs, here are 4 beautiful blue Frenchie fun facts you don’t know. Do you love Blue French bulldogs? They are one of the cutest small breed dogs and are… Read more »

September 29, 2020

Tips to Find The Best Coquitlam Canine And Dog Training Services

Training your dog is a task that can appear demanding, especially if you have a fast-paced work-life. Many dog owners these days choose to outsource this job to ensure that their canine friends are trained by professional hands. Here, finding the perfect training center can help. If you are scouting for specialized services to groom… Read more »

September 4, 2020

The Top 5 Most Trainable Dog Breeds

Man’s best friend is incredible in more ways than one. And most owners think that their dog is perfect just the way they are. But some dogs need training to be on their best behavior.  There are over 300 different dog breeds out there – all with different personalities and the need for different training… Read more »

June 26, 2020