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What is The Forrester Wave report?

The Forrester Wave is a streaming analytics report that’s compiled on a quarterly basis by Forrester Research. Streaming analytics, sometimes called event stream processing, is the modern solution to big data processing and analysis. When organizations relied on small data sets, the legacy request/response architecture served well enough. This issue with using this now is… Read more »

Trading and investing – is it really for everyone?

Forex can be a lucrative source of income. You’re probably thinking of becoming a Forex trader, but you’re not sure if you have enough knowledge. It’s a great thing you are here – it means you’ve decided to give trading a try (and gain profit, meanwhile). Forex can be highly profitable if approached correctly. We’ll… Read more »

What You Should Know About Duct Cleaning

Air ducts circulate air into every corner of our homes. A dirty duct will also transfer dust and humid air into the environment. This will lead to an unhealthy environment that causes allergic reactions and air-borne diseases for your household. To avoid this, considering duct cleaning is essential. There are many companies whose primary job… Read more »