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Joe Biden in strong position ahead of election

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will have been rubbing his hands with anticipation ahead of the first televised presidential debate. After all, the debates offer the chance for Biden to hammer home his advantage in the Betfair Exchange presidential election odds, with Trump’s popularity having taken a nosedive since the coronavirus pandemic took the world… Read more »

Key Laws in the US Immigration Policy

The United States is home to nearly 34 million lawful immigrants. These immigrants are here in the country as lawful permanent residents (green card holders) or as temporary visa holders such as students and workers. Over the years, the immigration policy of the country has evolved along with the changes in administrations. But despite our… Read more »

Politics, a Waste of Money

There is a lot of money that is invested in politics. A lot of it by people who make up a small proportion of the population. Not based on any differences that occur naturally but based on the fact that the issues that affect them are not the same issues that affect the bulk of… Read more »

Obama’s Final Words to the American People

With just hours left in the White House, President Barack Obama took one last time to address the American people. In a letter he sent to the White House’s email list Thursday morning, the president thanked everyone for their support, and for all they have taught him over the past eight years. The result is definitely… Read more »

Worst of the worst – Trumps Tweets

As you head to the polls in a couple of weeks, let us remind you of some of the worst things, the presidential candidate, Donald J Trump has Tweeted or said, you know just in case you were on the fence! “You can do anything. Grab them by the p***y.” – Donald J Trump, Presidential… Read more »

How Smartphones Can Shake Up the 2016 Elections

Historically, young people have been less interested in politics than their older counterparts. However, smartphones could shake up the elections in 2016 as social media companies find ways for young people to get involved with the presidential candidates. Take a look at how these politicians use smartphone apps during their campaigns and how that trend… Read more »