Politics, a Waste of Money

There is a lot of money that is invested in politics. A lot of it by people who make up a small proportion of the population. Not based on any differences that occur naturally but based on the fact that the issues that affect them are not the same issues that affect the bulk of the population. There is no way that the issues that are being faced by someone who donates $1 million to a campaign are the same as those of someone who hopes to retire after 20 years of work with the same amount of money. Even if the latter won a million dollars playing casino games online very few would give more than 10% to a political campaign.

The Con

The Politicians and their rich benefactors are all eager to spend a lot of money to convince the ordinary person to vote for them. Why? Is it because they really think that they understand the ordinary man and they want to help them? Even though many of the politicians came from humble backgrounds they have forgotten about it. Having surrounded themselves with the trappings of success and wealth they are no longer in touch with the people.

If they do not know what we want, how can they claim to represent us? But they do know what their big business buddies want. That is why their rich friends are comfortable to part with their hard earned money to help get them in power. So that they can be represented.

Wastage of Public Funds

For the democratic process to work the governing body has to part with money. The money is for the paying the civil servants that make the system work. There are also a lot of background activities that need to be paid for. These include the stationary, transport and accommodation bills associated with holding a “fair” election. This money is taken from the governing bodies funds. Funds which are obtained from tax payers. Forcing the general public to pay for their charade.

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