Worst of the worst – Trumps Tweets

As you head to the polls in a couple of weeks, let us remind you of some of the worst things, the presidential candidate, Donald J Trump has Tweeted or said, you know just in case you were on the fence!

“You can do anything. Grab them by the p***y.” – Donald J Trump, Presidential candidate

Online voucher code and money saving website My Voucher Codes complied the list and popped it in handy infographic that you can print out and take with you as a reminder that the fate of the most powerful country in the free world should not be in his hands. Feel free to share it with your friends also!


So as you can see, not only does he seem to hate a lot of women, Ariana Huffington, Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina and Rosie O’Donnell, oh and not forgetting Hillary Clinton, oh and this beauty of a comment: “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

He is not afraid of sharing hatred of Mexicans, suggesting building a wall to keep them out of the USA and saying that they are killers and all involved in drugs and crime. But he may have a split personality because he has also said he loves Mexican people.

A few of his racist comments as well for good measure:

“Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”

“I have a great relationship with the Blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the Blacks.”

“Laziness is a trait in blacks.”

“A well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white in terms of the job market. I think sometimes a black may think they don’t have an advantage or this and that… if I were starting off today, I would love to be a well-educated black.”

“I am the least racist person there is. And I think most people that know me would tell you that. I am the least racist.”

If this isn’t enough for you not to vote for Trump, then there is nothing more we can do for you and encourage you to not make it to the polling stations on the 8th November!

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